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Product Owner Innovation at Conduent. UX Designer/ Ux Researcher & Front End Developer Graduated with a BSc Bachelor of Science in Communication Multimedia Design - User Experience Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences & International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma at United World College Maastricht after 14+ years of living in Spain.

Achieved a Front-End Engineer Diploma through Codecademy. Designed and developed concepts for applications and websites ranging from UX prototypes to being programmed and fully functional.

Experience with photography editing, video editing and the Adobe Creative Cloud. Understanding of Psychology at a conceptual level. Achieved an Introduction to Psychology certificate issued by Yale University.

Able to communicate in seven languages (Native - Spanish, English, Dutch, Bulgarian) (Basic - French, German, Russian).

Strong sense of public speaking, presenting, debating and problem solving.



  • September 2023 - Present


    Robot Process Automation & Agent Life Cycle

    Product Owner
    PO in the Client Intelligence team of Conduent The Netherlands. Responsible as Product Owner for projects involving Robot Process Automation (RPA) and the agent life cycle. Translating product manager's strategies to development tasks. Communicating alongside the development team. Researching the needs and requirements of the end-users and outlining the user requirements and user stories. Working as the middle man alongside internal multidisciplinary teams composed of business analysts, software developers and business managers. Getting feedback directly from the end-users with the goal of translating those into business requirements for developers and product managers. Along working as a PO I have also taken up the responsibility for UX Design. Creating prototypes and interfaces to be built by developers, doing UX research of the market, and improving the current processes and systems in Conduent The Netherlands.

  • February 2023 - June 2023


    Developing an interactive solution

    User Experience Designer
    Designed a gamified virtual tour to be utilized on the main website of Tomatoworld. The purpose of the virtual tour is to educate teenagers in The Hague on current global food challenges and the solutions from the Dutch horticultural sector. The design aims to inspire teenagers to learn and work with technology and the tech that is being used in the horticultural sector.

  • September 2022 - December 2022

    Municipality of Delft

    Designing a physical and digital solution

    Scrum Master / User Experience Designer
    TechnoAcademy. Building a physical and digital design to inspire children in The Netherlands to pursue roles in the technical sector (craftmanships, technical studies). Designed a product that can be utilized in the Dutch schooling system alongside Smart Makers Delft and the municipality of Delft,

  • January 2022 - May 2022


    Visitor Centre

    User Experience Designer
    Designing the visitor centre for Shell's Green Hydrogen factory in Rotterdam (Holland Hydrogen 1), together with Kraaijvanger Architects. Aimed to receive anybody who wants more information about Shell’s hydrogen ambitions in the Netherlands. The visitor experience explains how they produce green hydrogen , why it is important for the energy transition and why Green hydrogen is a key part of Shells net zero target.




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